Get connected!

The Ambassador Network of South-West Finland aims at supporting the internationalisation of the region through its international talents. Our goal is to make South-West Finland more international and a well-known place to do business, study and live, and we are doing this together!

The mission of the Ambassadors is to promote the region as a business environment and study destination to their home country. Ambassadors are expected to market the region through social media, attend public events, connect with Finnish-based companies willing to expand collaboration with particular markets abroad and look for opportunities within their home region. To make the region more open and attractive for international people, the Ambassadors are sharing their love for the region through their international network and spreading the good word!

In the future this initiative aims to grow into a large network of Ambassadors promoting South-West Finland. So the Ambassadors are also encouraged to submit new ideas to develop the Network into an even better community of international talents making changes!